About Us

Yale Westchester Alumni Association

Yale Westchester Alumni Association is the local regional association for Westchester County, NY of Yale’s 170 regional associations throughout the world. Its members include 2400 alumni and 600 spouses of deceased alumni and parents of students) affiliated with schools of Yale University, including Graduate School, Professional Schools, and Yale College.


The mission of YWAA. Yale Westchester Alumni Association, founded 1908, promotes and pursues three core services to Yale University, to Yale alumni living working in the region, and to the Westchester community as a whole. (1) It supports and develops a scholarship endowment for financial aid to Yale undergraduates from Westchester. (2) It provides educational and community service activities for the community of Yale alumni, drawing on the creativity of Yale faculty, students, and graduates who are leaders in their fields. These events include lectures, musical performances, debate, and summer intern service opportunities. (3) It serves the university and prospective students by providing volunteers to interview candidates for undergraduate admission to Yale. YWAA is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and donations are deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Included among the activities and programs YWAA supports are:

  • Financial aid for qualified Westchester students at Yale by collecting annual gifts and endowments, and by making earmarked capital gifts to Yale University for Westchester students only. This was the YWAA’s founding purpose when it was created in , 1908 and remains a central focus today.
  • Service to Yale College and Westchester high school students by assisting the Yale Alumni Schools Committee’s with our student interview program.
  • Community service opportunities for Yale students as interns at Westchester’s social and cultural agencies.
  • Opportunities for Yale students, faculty, and alumni through sponsored musical, drama and lectures.
  • Sponsoring events at outstanding cultural institutions that serve alumni of the region (such as Caramoor Music Festival, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival at , Boscobel, and others.
  • Service and Benefits for selected students of high schools and preparatory schools of Westchester, including awards for merit (Yale Book Awards, YWAA Music Award, YWAA Shakespeare Award) and learning events the annual the annual collegiate/high school debate program.