Yale Book Award

For many years, the Yale Westchester Alumni Association has sponsored a Yale Book Award Program for Westchester high schools. This Program enables approximately 50 Westchester County high schools to provide special recognition to deserving students.

Typically between March and May, each high school selects an exceptional Junior (eleventh grade) student for his/her "outstanding personal character and intellectual promise".  The Award is an inscribed book of enduring value, such as the collected works of Shakespeare or an anthology of world poetry.  Clearly the intention is to encourage the student to apply to Yale in the following year.  Typically the Awards are presented by the schools at  special ceremonies in the spring.  Almost half the number of the Yale Book Awards are endowed in perpetuity by  contributions by Yale graduates.

If you have questions about the book award, or want to assist us by delivering books or endowing a school, please contact Peter Santhanam 914-962-5302